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    Woooo! This is gonna be fun! I'm planning on cosplaying as Stevonnie from Steven Universe. I love how her outfit is so simple compared to the other Gems. I already added a perfect gem and wig to my wish list on Amazon. Looking for the star shirt took a little while though. Luckily, I was able to find one on ebay for girls. (Note: girls'. Not womens'. :/ ) The longest wig length I could find was 32", and the lowest price of that length was just 10 bucks. Pretty good, I'd say. I plan on cutting the star shirt to be shorter and sewing the rough edges after cutting. I'm also probably going to make the blue shirt that goes over it. That should be really simple, since it's pretty much a short, baggy tank top. I also don't want to go barefoot all day at a convention, so I think flip flops would be great. As for the shorts, well, I already got that covered. They're pretty much just for everyday wear, so I already have a few pairs of short-shorts. This'll be so fun. :D
    Well, I'm actually not going to make anything myself. I realized that I could just buy everything, including an iron-on star patch for the shirt. Less work for me!
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Hey, I love Pokemon! I'm very new to deviantart. I do like drawing, though. Just as a hobby. Oh, and my favorite Pokemon is Shiny Mega Rayquaza! SO awesome. My favorite TV show is Steven Universe, and my favorite character is Garnet. Also, Gaara is my favorite character from Naruto. :3

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thanks for the watch, favs and comments! :hug:
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You're welcome! You deserve it!
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Thank you for the watch! >u< And sooo many faves! *.*
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OK I am so done, it changed again. Watevar.
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Wait WAAAT my colon P sign automatically turned into a weird official emoticon! Ech. Whatever. I'll use an equal sign. =P
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Heh, sorry. I just now saw your comment. I'm an absolute noob at deviantart. :P Yup, it's me, Derdlemerdle. AKA Dezzlemar, Dermerdle, and much more. Wink/Razz 
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Derdlemerdle es dat you :3
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